• Christmas markets unfortunately cannot take place
  • Shopping centers are overcrowded and baby elephants need space
  • you can order the voucher contactless
  • you can simply redeem the voucher at one of our markets near you or your vacation resort, valid 3 years
  • you have the choice, whether a beautiful piece of ceramic, a turned bowl, a ring of silver, a glass bead necklace or a trendy backpack ...
  • each piece is unique
  • you support a regional artisan with it

the best ...

  • with the voucher you also give a gift of time spent together with your loved ones, grandma and grandpa, friends, colleagues at the handicraft market
  • the time we spend together will be the greatest gift for Christmas 2020

Heinz & Daniela

Gift vouchers

Let us all start into a new future together: strengthen regional markets and producers, stand together, look at each other.

Heinz & Daniela

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