What you can discover on the market...

something chic for you...

  • hand sewn hip flatterers in your favorite color
  • matching,fused glass earrings
  • cool knitted wool hats
  • artclay silver rings
  • wooden bead necklaces
  • coprint thirts

something upcycled...

  • Picture frames from scrap wood
  • Shopping bags from truck tarpaulins
  • Belts from bicycle inner tubes
  • Old iron objects

something for home...

  • pottery favorite cup
  • turned wooden bowl
  • picture with embedded gemstones
  • leather slippers
  • scented soaps

something for your garden...

  • ceramic columns
  • birdbaths

something for your kids...

  • wood toys
  • hand sewn children's garment
  • ceramic figures to paint
  • ocarinas

something for your heart...

  • good vibes
  • meet friends
  • walkup band
  • fair shopping

something for your extra wishes...

  • individual customization
  • repair

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